A (Final) Word from the Editor: June 2024

Fr. Matt Koovisk with the other members of the Anglican Editors' Association at his last conference in Toronto in May of 2024.
By on June 2, 2024

I still remember the phone call I got from the 7th Bishop of Brandon on that September afternoon in 2018. He called to ask me to become the Mustard Seed Editor. 

I remember thinking that I had really no experience in this world. Sure, I had acted as a webmaster for the web page of the Diocese of Kootenay and the BC and Yukon Anglican Youth Movement as a teenager, but editor of a newspaper? I had no clue how to design a newspaper!

Fortunately, I was well supported in those early days by the staff of the Anglican Journal,  most especially Saskia Rowley, the Journal’s graphic designer who was incredibly patient with a newbie editor that was learning the ropes. I felt supported by the other members of the Anglican Editors’ Association (AEA), all of whom were newbies at one point, too. I’ve been blessed to be a part of that community since  I began as editor (and I also served as both the secretary for two years and treasurer for two more years, too).

Most importantly, I’ve been blessed to be supported by the readership of this small, but mighty newspaper. I’ve never been wanting for content for each edition of the newspaper, and I’ve been blessed in this role to get a glimpse into the many corners of this diocese, and truth be told, I am richer for it. As I move closer to family (and yes, to a warmer climate), I will very much miss this work.

As I depart from this role, I think that some thank yous are very much in order: to the Rev’d Cheryl Kukurudz, who unfailingly sent out emails asking for content each month, and was another one of those people who supported me in this role. Thank you, Mother Cheryl – your administrative abilities and your kind and compassionate ear continues to mean the world to me, even though we’re far apart. Thank you to Bishop William Cliff, Dean Don Bernhardt TSSF, and Bishop Rachael Parker, all of whom were incredibly supportive of this paper and saw its’ value in the wider diocese and gave me the freedom to tell the varied stories of the Diocese. I personally have been blessed by your guidance and wisdom in my life.

Finally, thank you, dear reader: without you, there would be no point of creating this newspaper each month, as newspapers without readers is like a church without the people!

I won’t say goodbye forever, as I’ve learned the Church is an incredibly small place, but I will say that I hope and pray that God will continue to bless this newspaper as well as the people of the Diocese of Brandon. It has been my honour to be a part of it all, and I look forward to seeing what you all do in the coming months and years! 


  • Fr. Matt Koovisk

    Fr. Matt Koovisk is the Editor of the Mustard Seed. He served the Diocese from 2017-2024 as the Rector of St. Mary's, Virden; St. Mark's, Elkhorn; St. John's, Reston; and Christ Church, Melita. He also served as the Secretary of Synod during that time.

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