A Note from the Editor: December 2023

The sanctuary of St. John the Baptist, Sardis (Chilliwack), BC.
By on November 29, 2023

As the Dean wrote in his article for the October edition of the Mustard Seed: “As for us, for everything there is a season, and a new one is dawning.”

He’s right in that a new season is dawning on us in the Diocese of Brandon. By the time you read this in late November or early December, we’ll know the name of the eighth Bishop of Brandon. It will be a wonderful day, I’m sure. It’s definitely one I’m looking forward to as I prepare this edition of the Mustard Seed.

I’ve also taken those words to heart as a new season is about to dawn in my own life. On November 5, it was announced that I have accepted an appointment as the Rector of St. John the Baptist, Sardis (Chilliwack, BC) in the Diocese of New Westminster, effective February 1, 2024. My last Sunday as the Rector of the Tri-Valley Parish will be January 14, 2024.

I will continue to be the Editor of the Mustard Seed until the end of the publishing year in June, but will do that work from BC, for most of this work can be done from behind a desk, no matter where that desk is. Even though I won’t be resident in the Diocese anymore, I will need your help even more to keep me abreast of the things that are happening in the Diocese of Brandon!

It has been a joy and privilege to be here in the Diocese of Brandon since my arrival as a wet behind the ears layman on January 14, 2017. I have been blessed by each one of you, and I leave here in gratitude for all the experiences that I have had. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. This is a bitter sweet goodbye for me. I arrived as a newbie in the role of rector, and I leave as a more experienced priest. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication we not only see in my own parish, but throughout the diocese!

May God continue to bless you in your varied ministries throughout our beloved Diocese.



  • Fr. Matt Koovisk

    Fr. Matt Koovisk is the Editor of the Mustard Seed. He served the Diocese from 2017-2024 as the Rector of St. Mary's, Virden; St. Mark's, Elkhorn; St. John's, Reston; and Christ Church, Melita. He also served as the Secretary of Synod during that time.

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