News from the Pews: The Tri-Valley Parish/St. Mary’s, Virden

Office with a desk full of paper
The Rector's office in October 2020. Excuse the mess.
By on October 1, 2022
Empty office with white walls
The Rector’s office as it waits to be painted.

A parish priest spends a lot of time in their office at the church. I have found that in my own ordained ministry, more often than not, people stop in because “they have seen my car out front of the church.” This is good, as it establishes that the church is a safe place to spend some time. At St. Mary’s, Virden, we’re blessed that we have a modern parish hall alongside a historical church, all situated among a churchyard that is the biggest in town (well, it’s really the only one, but no matter.)

From time to time, though, offices need to be refreshed, especially if the occupant spends a good amount of time working away. At the time of writing, the rector’s office at St. Mary’s is undergoing some painting. When that’s done, the plan is to add a new desk in the corner, along with some chairs so that the rector can hold small meetings. Photos to come in the next edition of the Mustard Seed!


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