Order of St. Luke Conference

Hazel is thanked by Canon Jim Brown.
Hazel is thanked by Canon Jim Brown.
By on December 1, 2022

The annual conference for the Order of St. Luke was held Oct. 1 & 2, 2022 at St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Brandon with the Rev’d Dr. Kevin Goodrich as our Guest Speaker. The topic was “The Christian Healing Ministry”.

In addition to Fr. Kevin’s talks, we also had some people sharing their personal experiences of healing. Rick Burik spoke of his miraculous healing from 3 cancerous tumours on his spine after aggressive chemotherapy treatment and being put into a medically induced coma. Jackie Brown shared about her healing of a separated shoulder. She hit a grand slam home run in a diocesan baseball Tournament less than a week after injuring her shoulder. She also spoke of Katherine Stafford, a rising ballerina with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company. She came down with Lou Gehrig’s Disease which affects the muscles in the body. Although she was never physically healed, her faith blossomed as she attended a Prayer Group for about 4 years. Although her body was wasting away, her spirit & love just grew until she verily shone with the love of God. Canon Jim Brown shared a number of healings which he has experienced over the years from heart and abdominal issues. He now has an implanted pacemaker/defibrillator to keep the atrial fibrillation under control.

Bishop William Cliff celebrated the Eucharist on the afternoon of October 1st with the assistance of the Rev’d Chris Evetts, the Rector of St. Mary’s. Retired Bishop Jim Njegovan celebrated the Sunday morning Eucharist on October 2nd.

We also accepted the resignation of Hazel Birt of Winnipeg age 92 after some 65 years of service, partly as our Secretary Treasurer.  Clarissa Canning of Killarney has volunteered to take over the position. Hazel was thanked and presented with gifts of a beaded necklace and a bouquet of flowers. It was also good to have the Rev’d Raymond &. Judy Knight stop in at the Eucharist on Saturday afternoon. Raymond is the former Manitoba Director of the Order of St. Luke. We had a wonderful conference. Thank you to all those who took part!


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